Cancer Treatment Program

Please note: this Program is offered to women who have decided to not use traditional medicine for the treatment of breast cancer. It will not work in conjunction with chemotherapy, radiation or other medical interventions and drugs.

For all those women who want to avoid toxic and destructive chemotherapy, radiation and surgery, I offer my services. If you are willing to try healing your breast cancer naturally and without damage to your body, then I am happy to guide you through the process. I have no fear of cancer and I have seen positive results with clients who chose to go the natural way and avoided the traditional treatments for cancer.


1. Initial Assessment. We start by taking into account all factors related to your present condition – the history preceding the diagnosis, the complicating factors if any, your symptoms, other therapies you are considering or which you could also use. Part of this assessment is identifying if your cancer is in a developing stage or if it is ready to resolve. Also here, we look for triggers, life conflicts or traumatic events that may have started the growth of a tumor.

2. Designing a strategy. Once we have answers to the above questions, we will know how to proceed and how long the treatment may be. Some obstacles and symptoms are easy to deal with. Some beliefs and life conflicts are hard to resolve in just a few days or months. In any case, you will have plenty of support and options to help you along the way. The strategy is formed for both short-term goals and also for the overall successful treatment of the cancer.

3. Monthly or bi-weekly sessions. Monthly sessions are usually the norm. In some specially tense moments or sometimes in the initial months,while you are still familiarizing yourself with the program, bi-weekly sessions can also be arranged. During each session we discuss progress, the underlying unresolved issues and the immediate goal.

4. Treatment: remedies and biofeedback. A combination of dynamic remedies and biofeedback therapy is most beneficial. There is nothing faster-acting in the holistic field at present. Both dynamic medicine and biofeedback give quick and profound results, but combined the two complement and enhance their results. Both are part of your regular sessions and are adjusted every month to move you forward.

5. Counseling and education. It is important that you participate in your healing process. Remedies alone or my expertise alone cannot force your body to heal if it is in conflict. Understanding the nature of the healing process and your own personal obstacles and lessons to learn in all of this, will be crucial when setting the pace for recovery. Every time we meet or talk, we will delve into those maintaining causes that need to go for your body to heal completely.

6. Tumor reduction and detoxification. There are many methods for tumor reduction today. We will choose those that will be most effective for you. Throughout the process we will constantly work on shrinking the tumor wit the use of remedies and biofeedback technology. Detoxification is crucial in the treatment of all cancers, so that will also be taken care of on an ongoing basis.


The success of the Program depends on the ability of your body to heal, on your ability to resolve any existing conflicts that are maintaining the cancer, and on your participation in your own healing – by learning about the process, taking charge of therapy done at home or in addition to my work for you.

Guarantees. There are no guarantees for cure. Not just for you or for cancer – there are no guarantees at all. My experience so far has shown me that those who are invested in their healing wholeheartedly, tend to have fast and lasting results. Those sitting on the fence have a harder time and those who rely on the therapist to “cure them” are the least able to notice the improvement or the reason for stagnation in their treatment.

Life offers us no guarantees for anything. We just calculate probabilities, possibilities and hope for the best. Even when we plan all the details, life can still throw us a curve ball and set us back with something unexpected. So to expect guarantees and assurances in this case, is no different.

Possibilities. The possibilities for complete cure and healing always exist. Even for those who do nothing, but just wait and hope and allow nature to heal them. But you can enhance your chances by keeping a stable focus on the desired result and having a lot of faith in your body’s ability to heal.

Many cures exist. Today, we have identified many cures for tumors and cancers, many substances, treatments and therapies that work very well indeed. Not for everyone, but for enough people. And as you know, if it works once, then it shows promise. If it works many times, then it merits a closer look and more trust. There are therapies out there that have worked consistently throughout the years, curing many people. You can use them in conjunction with this treatment.


Faith and trust are essential for healing to happen. Without faith in your ability to heal and without trust in the therapist, you miss out on two powerful sources for healing.

In our materialistic times we focus on what is physical only, we tend to ignore faith as something spiritual, having nothing to do with medicine…What a mistake! In fact, it is the lack of faith on part of the entire medical system that brings us down and crushes our hopes for survival. After all, the medical system is totally immersed in the physical and technological and has no time for the personal when it comes to its “war on cancer”.

Faith remains the responsibility of each individual person, something to be mindful of if you have not considered it already. Even our family and friends have little faith in our ability to heal and prefer to send us to the hospital, where “real medicine” is practiced.

So I encourage you to build up a lot of faith, in yourself, in the possibilities for healing, in the wisdom of nature and all its processes – including the one that produces a tumor.

Trust is also something you will need a lot of. After all, you will be trying out things you have not heard of before, that nobody knows about; things that are not really accepted by mainstream medicine or science and as a result, are scoffed at by most people. So you will need a lot of trust in me and the therapies in order to proceed with this Program and have patience to learn how it works and to see the results.

Many times in life we need to trust. Mostly when change happens. Or when we choose to do things we don’t know much about, when we “take our chances”. We trust our instinct, our intuition, our good or bad feeling about something. And we move forward.

Look inside. So look inside and see how you feel. How much faith in your healing do you have? In life in general? And how able are you to trust your own judgment, the new therapies you will use, the different ways (sometimes totally opposite) of thinking you will encounter?

This Program is for You

This program is for you if you have decided to treat your cancer naturally, without medical intervention and traditional treatments, without chemo or radiation or unnecessary surgery.

This Program was created to offer support to those women who are seeking that kind of approach and who do not want to go the medical way. For you, I have created a complete therapy to cover all your bases and guide you through the process.

If it were my health at stake, I would do the exact same things that I will be offering you. I have no fear of cancer because I know what to do about it and how to resolve the conflicts that give rise to tumors in the body. I would never personally go to a doctor for treatment because I am convinced, from my own experience, in the dangers of chemo, radiation and hospital stays with the bacterial infections, medical mistakes and over-prescribing of medication.

if you are like me in that respect, then we have a lot to talk about and our work together will be easy and rewarding.