Cancer Recovery Program

The Cancer Recovery Program will help speed up recovery after surgery, chemotherapy or radiation. This program offers gentle yet deep detoxification, restoration of organ function, prevention of post-surgery complications and prevention of cancer recurrence.

It consists of the following:

1. Detoxification. A main problem with medical cancer treatment is that it is horribly toxic. Even surgery has its own set of problems that can cause slow recovery. Detoxification for those who have had chemo is a long process because of the impaired capability of the body to eliminate toxins. Over time, healing speeds up.

2. Removal of damage from the medical treatment. We target the particular procedures done to diagnose and treat the cancer, including the cancer diagnosis which can be extremely traumatic (and can cause its own set of problems down the road).

3. Release of all memories of past trauma to prevent the recurrence of the cancer. Once the immediate issues with toxicity, symptoms, organ stabilization and emotional balance are tackled, we proceed to examine the specific circumstances for your own encounter with cancer, what provoked it, tendencies in your personality, early life experience or environment that may still be a problem. Without the eradication of the real causes for cancer, it can appear again in the future when those same causes are re-activted.

4. Release of hereditary tendency to develop cancer. This is also important, especially if cancer is part of your family’s history. With Sequential Therapy, hereditary diseases can be annihilated and the probability of getting them is eliminated.

5. Education about your personal life issues related to breast cancer. Once you resolve them completely you can rest assured that you will not have cancer again. They say that cancer is the “disease of the life not lived”. It is important that you feel a renewal of your life and this is the main focus of the recovery program.

When to Begin Treatment

Once you finish your medical treatment you may want to use this approach to rid yourself of the toxic accumulation from chemotherapy, radiation and drugs. At the same time you want to boost your immune system, restore proper function to your organs, restore hormonal balance, and make sure you get back to a health.

The full benefit of this program can be felt when you are home and ready to rest and recover. Since the focus of the therapy here is to relax, strengthen and detoxify you from poisons and negative feelings, it is absolutely important that you create a healing environment in your house and in your psyche. Otherwise you will be at odds with the purpose of healing and this subconscious tug of war between stress and rest will drain your resources making healing slow.

Is This Progam for You?

This program is for you if:

  • – You have decided to not have any more medical treatments or tests
  • – You have a few more visits to the doctor, but do not plan major interventions or future tests for at least a few months
  • – You have already used alternative methods to cure your breast cancer and now you want to make sure you cover all your bases

If you plan to continue medical treatment then this Program will not work for you. Repeated invasive medical testing and the chemicals and radiation involved, cause your body to interrupt healing in order to deal with new attacks to its integrity. X-rays, medication, scans and repeated visits to the oncologist – all of this keeps you in stress mode, constantly on alert, always insecure and worried.

Your body can’t heal when it feels it must protect itself and respond to dangerous poisons and fearful thoughts.

Partial effects can still be felt when you have to take medication or have a few more tests done, provided this does not happen all the time. The problem with medical post-treatment check-ups and testing is two-fold.

On the one hand going to the oncology and meeting with a doctor that believes you are very ill and will possibly die, is not uplifting, to say the least. Every visit re-ignites the fear and the memory of the suffering.

And on the other hand, each additional probing into your body, each suppressive medication (antibiotics, opiates, painkillers) cause your body to react, to stop restoration procedures and to go back into fight or flight mode. In other words, what information you receive from medical tests has to be balanced out with how  much it will set you back in your healing.

When It Does NOT Work

Therapy cannot work well if interrupted all the time. Lastly, the reason why the Recovery Program will not work for those who continue regular medical treatment is the same as the reason why I do not offer treatment to those using chemo and radiation for their main treatment for breast cancer.

Little time to heal. In my experience, the problem is not that the remedies or therapy does not work – it does. The main obstacle is the little window of opportunity for healing that you have between one medical treatment and another. Your body does not have time to heal between frequent exposures to toxicity, radiation or invasive tests. Before you can begin to recover from one of them, another is performed.

Depleted immune system. This ultimately exhausts the available energy for healing, the immune system collapses and even beneficial therapies can no longer work because there is no strength left in the organism for healing. Both mainstream and holistic science note that cancer patients die from wasting away and much rarely from the tumor itself.