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 “Allergy” is a general term to define an inexplicable symptom in the body that seems to be triggered by food or environmental factors. It can also be a result of constant use of medical or other drugs, or poor digestion in general, gut problems, psychological stress that is ongoing, etc.

Curing allergies

Successful treatment of allergies must include the following:
1. Finding and reducing the exposure to a known allergen, if possible.
2. Finding and eliminating triggers and the root cause of the allergy.
3. Using treatment and dynamic remedies to deal with symptoms while they still exist until such time as the allergies are gone.

How quickly can I cure my allergies?

How fast you see results depends on the reason why YOU have allergies. Usually you will see a reduction of symptoms immediately. Complete cure can take a few months in many cases, as allergies are complex and their treatment reflects that.

This is what it boils down to:
        1. How long you have had it. If not long, you can resolve it quickly. If chronic or life-long, the causes are much deeper than a single remedy or couple of months of treatment can change. A full assessment can give us clarity in the situation.
        2. What is triggering it (and not just the substance you react to but possibly a psychological connection to the substance as well!). If a particular life trauma triggered it, we can neutralize its effects and stop the symptoms. If the trigger is a chemical substance, we need to find it and remove it from your diet or environment (a bit hard when it is a medical drug you depend on or a workplace problem). Hereditary causes require a full overhaul of your health in order to build up resistances you may not have had at birth and to also reduce your tendency to react with too much inflammation in the body.
         3. Your physical ability to heal. Some people are healthy and respond nicely to treatment, springing easily back to normal. Some people are delicate and sensitive by nature, and we need to also deal with their FEAR of allergens. And some people are just so weak that they cannot respond well to any treatment due to lack of inner resources, so that has to be dealt with first before any serious healing can happen.
If your allergy is a LIFE-LONG affliction, then it probably has by now become complicated and may have multiple triggers. Life-long allergies are mostly attributed to early life trauma, even during  mother’s pregnancy or to hereditary factors (tendency of family members to have inflammation in the body). A more in-depth assessment could give me some idea about that too. Back to top>>

Root cause of allergies

A major cause for allergies is TRAUMA. A serious life trauma can trigger an exaggerated protective response in the body at the time it is happening. If the allergen is anywhere around at that same time, oftentimes our system will remember it as a possible danger and you will over-react to it from that time on.

Another main cause is also HEREDITY: the makeup of our whole system, based on hereditary factors such as a tendency toward inflammation in general and a certain sensitivity of nature.
A third part of the problem is CHEMICAL: if our organism is not strong and well adjusted to take on the daily exposure to multiple chemical substances in the air, food, living space, etc. it can lose balance and begin frantically trying to rid itself from inner pollution, leading to allergic symptoms. Some medical drugs cause such reactions. The pesticides in food and processing methods also lead to toxin overload.

Choices of treatment at Real Medicine

       Option 1: REMEDY ONLY.  You can try a remedy for a month to see if it helps reduce symptoms. A single remedy can work but when the root cause is not cleared up, the allergy will eventually re-appear in spite of the remedy. A series of remedies for a few months could help in some situations where you have not had the allergy too long, but if it is a serious matter, that too will not completely solve the problem.
Cost: $40 (+shipping)
      Option 2: FULL SESSION. You can book a full consultation with me. I can then take your case in more detail and treat any known possible causes or triggers (once I know what you may have experienced before the symptoms started)
Cost: $150 (included in this fee are multiple remedies for the first month, a report of findings and treatment plan. Shipping extra). Back to top>>

Treatment Plan

A typical treatment plan includes an initial consultation and a series of monthly treatments with both dynamic remedies and remote balancing done with the Inergetix CoRe equipment.
Once I am aware of your particular situation in more detail, I address the root cause of your allergy and the subsequent triggers that have developed with a series of treatments.
We use sequential therapy to eliminate the various triggers until we can clear also the initial cause (including hereditary causes) that caused your allergies.
The treatments are conducted once a month, for a few months (depending on individual needs). Each includes a remedy to deal with allergy symptoms and treatment of a variety of factors involved in your case (like past trauma, use of medicines, toxic exposure and such).
You can also choose to book private sessions with me to discuss your treatment and receive new remedies with each session. Cost $120
Or you can choose to only receive monthly treatments without a session, just a quick email update. Cost $70

Obviously, discussing your progress at regular sessions allows for much more specific and precise therapy, but I do offer an affordable option as well. Back to top>>

Additional services

The following additional services can be added on to your regular treatment or used as stand alone services. They are very beneficial in the case with allergies:

Biofeedback analysis and treatment. With the Inergetix-CoRE system I can tune into your personal energy field and pull out information that is not easily detected in normal circumstances and learn more about the root cause and triggers for your allergies and the kinds of substances encoded in your body memory. You may be surprised sometimes at the results. It is a very accurate analytical method. Read more here>>

Organ balancing. This is also done with the CoRE biofeedback equipment. It can be used to support the respiratory system or digestive system in the case of severe allergies.

24/7 biofeedback treatment. Done also with the CoRe remote treatment equipment, this is a special service in cases of severe or multiple allergies. A specific energy frequency is selected to reduce allergy symptoms and soothe the over-reactivity of your system. The special rates are monitored for a month and changed every second day to match the needs of the moment. Click here to learn more>>

For allergies in children, please read here.