Sequential Therapy

Sequential Therapy is a method of de-activating or clearing the traces of past physical and emotional trauma through the application of dynamic remedies. They are given in a particular sequence and at a specific time. To decide which past traumas require treatment, a chronological timeline of life events is created for each person. The significant traumas are then addressed in reverse order, e.g. starting with the most recent ones and working backwards in time all the way to birth.

I have found this method so useful and effective that I offer it to all my clients. It is the fastest and most stable approach to trauma resolution that I have found over the years. Your past is always influencing the way you feel or the symptom you now have. Sequential Therapy helps you get rid of unnecessary baggage quickly and easily, with no effort on your part.

  • Coaching clients. During regular coaching sessions we discuss your life events in detail. I then help you release the negative and discover the positive in your experiences. And then follows the significant part – finding the meaning of such events in your life now.
  • Clearing past trauma only. You can also choose to do the timeline alone, with a couple of remedies to help you with the resolution phases and the re-set of your system.
  • Healers and energy workers. This method is particularly useful to all therapists and energy workers who still have unresolved life issues. It is impossible to remain objective with clients if we have too many unresolved issues. Being clear and grounded prevents loss of energy and taking on clients’ energy.
  • Cancer Prevention. This program relies heavily on the use of Sequential Therapy to de-activate areas of conflict that may lead to health problems.
  • Detoxification. If you have had chemotherapy, radiation or other forms of toxicity you need quick and effective detoxification. Time here is of the essence for health improvement.
  • Present-day trauma can also be cleared with Sequential Therapy. In fact, dynamic remedies when taken soon after an injury or medical procedure (or even emotional crisis) can prevent long-term effects. This is a little known discovery that could save people a lot of suffering and expensive treatments.

Physical trauma can lead to changes in the body that over time give rise to symptoms and disease. A car accident can lead to chronic back pain. Vaccine toxicity can lead to ADD or autism. Surgeries can cause scar tissue to form. Antibiotic use can lead to candida in your system. When all other treatments fail, sequential therapy is able to knock out the root cause of such persistent conditions, opening up the way to complete healing.

Emotional trauma is by far the most common cause for chronic stress, self-devaluation conflicts, and anxiety. We can get stuck in events from the past, paralyzed and unable to shake free of their hold. With Sequential Therapy, just a few doses of remedies can clear the slate, bringing deep peace at last. And you can move forward in life.

The clearing of emotional trauma is also crucial in the case of certain diseases or symptoms that arose as an after-effect of such events.

We are defined by our experiences. I view Sequential Therapy as a process of transformation and not one of just removing negativity from our energy field.

Significant life events seem to push us off our path. While that is true, it is also true that crises in life are an opening for growth and learning. As such, they are loaded with meaning.

A life shock can cause us to change our plans abruptly, stop doing things harmful to us, or begin a process of discovery that will move us further ahead than we would have otherwise gone if left alone. For example, the loss of our job helped us find a new profession or an injured back allowed us to stay home and enjoy our family and so on.

Time travel. Sequential Treatment offers you the opportunity to go back in time and re-visit those times you consider negative and hurtful. It is an opportunity to release the negative and in the light of a newly acquired objectivity, to re-evaluate the event.

Our life traumas are all meaningful events that mark the instances in which the universe has intervened in our life, forcing us to act or react, depending on our perspective, in order to start creating a new life for ourselves.

Sequential Therapy is an opportunity to do so consciously – to understand the significance of our shocks and traumas in the context of our character, life passions and gifts.

Healthy and vibrant individuals thrive in adversity, fully cognizant that life challenges are our only real opportunity for significant change. After the initial irritation of being interrupted from life’s slumber, such healthy individuals embrace change and pay attention to where this change is leading them. Instead of viewing these events as handicaps that come at the wrong time, they use the events to take positive action and achieve their objectives.

It is my mission to help you achieve a level of health and fearlessness that will allow you to be the chief navigator of your life; to be optimistic and self reliant, in an interdependent relationship with others to create a more peaceful world.


200 years ago Dr. Samuel Hahnemann (1755 – 1843), the founder of dynamic medicine, first identified the natural laws on which this treatment sequence is based. He separated diseases into two types – primary and secondary. Primary diseases are specific, always appear in the same way and are easily identifiable through their cause. Secondary diseases appear as a result of a primary disease. Hahnemann advised treating the primary disease first, as this ensured that all secondary diseases related to it would disappear as a result.

In addition to this incredible discovery related to disease types, Dr. Hahnemann also discovered that most chronic disease stems from hereditary flaws and that these hereditary diseases, called miasms, can also be removed by using dynamic remedies in a particular order that follows the natural laws of healing.

And Another Major Discovery…

Dr. Jean F. Elmiger, a Swiss medical doctor, further developed the treatment of past trauma. He first coined the term “sequential therapy” in the 1970’s. He discovered that most people suffer significant shocks to their system at birth and shortly thereafter, triggering their hereditary pre-disposition to disease and setting them up for further complications.

It was also Dr. Elmiger who outlined the method of sequential treatment. He would treat the most recent shock first and then proceed backwards in time all the way back to birth. This is also the proper order for total removal of hereditary diseases. He also identified many dynamic remedies for medically induced disease so prevalent in our modern times and unknown in the past.

His major work, “Re-Discovering Real Medicine” is an easy to read and very informative presentation of all the benefits of Sequential Therapy and I highly recommend it.

Taking Sequential Therapy Even Further

Rudi Verspoor, Patty Smith and Steven Decker further enriched the work of Dr. Elmiger by including it into the broader system of medicine. To the treatment of physical shocks to the system, they added the treatment of emotional trauma. As we know, psychological stress and unresolved mental and emotional traumas can change the way we see the world and ourselves in it. As we cancel the effects of past emotional shocks and memories, we heal our of old wounds and misconceptions that hold us hostage today.

Steven Decker and Rudi Verspoor developed dynamic medicine in North America in the 1990’s. Sequential Therapy offered a brilliant solution for the efficient and quick removal of blockages in their energetic body. With the added support of detoxification, emotional support and symptom management, Sequential Therapy provides a deep resolution of psychological issues, without the endless psychotherapy and lengthy process of self-evaluation that usually does not resolve the deeper feelings anyway.

Old traumas contribute to present-day problems

Shocks or traumas to our system leave visible and invisible traces, most of which go unnoticed. Many injuries, of course, heal naturally or by being addressed effectively in real time. But some traumas remain unresolved, leaving either a material or an invisible trace. Their impact on our energy body is not detected by our senses.

For the most part present-day maladies are rarely perceived as manifestations of an already existing old problem. If left unaddressed, they continue to cause further complications as we go through life. Future shocks just pile up on top of the previous ones, each weakening our immune system further.

One way of identifying such impacts on our body is by remembering and listing all known incidents that caused us pain and suffering and all those that are known toxic or traumatic impacts on our body. This is called a timeline of events. Creating one is in itself therapeutic as we finally can see the patterns in our lives clearly while at the same time connecting to our deeper emotional issues to which we may have been oblivious.

Subtle impacts to our energy body can also be detected by special methods such as kinesiology, pulse testing or by the recently developed bio-resonance systems. Bio-resonance is by far the most advanced and precise of them all as it is the most objective and precise. The Inergetix-CoRe is the most scientific of all available systems today. This is why we use it at our clinic.

Are all life events equally traumatic?

Most events in our lives are promptly resolved as they happen and leave no permanent consequences. The ones that leave their mark usually remain unresolved due to a lack of strength in the body to restore health or due to immaturity of the psyche to deal adequately with an emotional crisis.

Life traumas do not happen simultaneously but are separated by time and space. Each additional significant event is superimposed over the last one, as it in turn, will be covered by the next. In such a way, a thread weaves through them all creating the timeline pattern particular to each individual person.

The Earliest Traumas Have The Most Impact

Significant shocks to our system begin at birth, which is a traumatic process in itself. The early childhood comes with the unavoidable vaccinations, medications and the drama of separation and home conflicts. Here are some typical early shocks in life:

  • Birth trauma due to artificial and detrimental birthing procedures
  • Vaccinations at a time when the immune system is immature and defenseless
  • Suppressive medical drugs and treatments like surgery or antibiotics
  • Great variety of emotional shocks (loss, fright, feelings of blame and guilt), which remain unresolved and leave a permanent character deviation in their wake

In addition to the well known and documented problems with toxicity, poor nutrition, organ malfunctioning due to dangerous procedures done to children, there is another aspect to early childhood trauma of even greater concern. And that is the normal development of the child.

Traumatic events can also arrest the psychological development of the person. We all know adults who behave childishly or in an immature way, at least in some aspect of their life. Many times when a child is traumatized and cannot find a solution to a painful situation, mental development is also arrested in a particular way.

Not only that, but proper physical or functional development can also take some compensatory detours, leaving us under-developed in some areas or too reactive and sensitive in others. If for no other reason, but the blockage to proper maturation, caused by a physical or emotional shock to the system that was not overcome.

It is generally perceived in holistic science, that if a childhood trauma is not resolved by the age of 23-25, the person generally does not mature beyond the age at which the injury was inflicted and in some ways their life views and related behaviors will show it.

Other shocks and traumas to the system

There are many different types of impacts that can affect us deeply enough to require help and treatment. Most physical traumas can be listed, although they are as many as the injuries and poisonings we go through in life

Emotional trauma is also varied. There may be just a handful of basic emotions that we all go through, but the variations of inner pain and interpretations of a painful situation are as many as the people who suffer. It is important to ascertain not only if one suffered a major trauma, but also to make sure that we don’t miss a strong reaction the person experienced, even when the event seems quite insignificant.

In Sequential Therapy we have a detailed map of what to look for, but equally important it to watch for the way the person has experienced his or her life. Many times what is shattering to one person can go totally unnoticed by another. In that sense, the feeling of the person is as important at the event and both are treated with remedies.


Hereditary diseases known as miasms also weaken the body. Introduced at birth, they continue to grow throughout our lifetime if left unresolved. They are the root cause of most chronic conditions and core beliefs. Clearing the miasms opens the way for the full resolution of chronic disease.

These hereditary influences are also cleared in a particular order, following the natural Law of Succession of Forces, a term coined by Dr. Elmiger. He observed that certain diseases are most active during specific seasons and that treating them at that time produced the best results.

How Does Sequential Therapy Work?

Using dynamic remedies specific to each trauma.
Essentially Sequential Therapy works on the principle that taking a specific remedy resonant with an identified physical or mental-emotional shock, will effectively release any hold it still has on you, even in the case of events long forgotten.

Soon after the remedy is ingested, the original trauma is neutralized. Not long after that the effects of the remedy also dissipate and we are left clear of disease. The body restores itself by resuming proper functions and rebuilding damaged tissue.

In order to remove all known residue of past trauma, a timeline of events is created for each person. All known events are listed in the order in which they happened, from birth to the present day. Each event is evaluated and a remedy (or remedies) is matched to the nature of the trauma experienced by the person. For example, if a person had a tooth pulled and they were in a lot of fear, we will select remedies not just for the physical trauma of the extraction and anesthetic, but also for the emotion of fear.

Working from present day backwards, to birth.
We start with the clearing of the most recent event and we work backwards in reverse order. We work our way back to early childhood and birth, which is when the most important events occurred. These childhood traumas can be fully neutralized only after all other traumas that were stacked on top of them are released. With the body’s focus fully engaged now on the remaining early life trauma, it is not hard to release and transform it into an optimal state of health.

Duration of treatment.
Each Sequential Therapy clearing takes about 2-3 weeks for full release of the effects of the past shock and for the body to restore itself. Thus, the number of events considered significant in each person’s timeline will determine the length of a full treatment program.

Once an event is neutralized it no longer holds an emotional charge. You are better physically too because you no longer suffer from your system’s constant struggle to rid itself of the problem. Any memories of the event are now objective. No emotional drama remains. You also heal from any physical symptoms triggered by the event.

While Sequential Therapy is exceptionally effective, it is not a stand-alone therapy, but works best in an all-inclusive approach that includes nutrition, lifestyle changes and counseling. The benefits of Sequential Therapy are more permanent when you can see how trauma has affected you and how all of your experiences, the bad and the good, fit into your life and who you are today.

Sequential Therapy enhances the results of other therapies

It is unfortunate that Sequential Therapy is not being used more widely. Past trauma causes blockages in the healing capacity of the organism. Their timely correction speeds up the healing effect of any therapy. It is a powerful catalyst for re-patterning of old beliefs and the conditioning caused by old traumatic experiences.