German New Medicine

If you signed up for my full services, they include a detailed analysis of your symptoms based on German New Medicine (GNM).

The report will tell you what kind of physical or emotional life shock is causing your health problem. You will find out if your condition is in the active phase or in the healing phase. Based on that we will know what needs to be done to resolve it completely.

German New Medicine will help with the following:

  • Understanding your symptoms. Knowing if you are getting worse or better is essential for the choice of the correct healing approach. If you are still in conflict, we focus on resolving it. If you are experiencing symptoms of healing, on the other hand, then we focus on the best way to heal your body.
  • Dealing with the conflict at the root of your symptom. Every condition starts somewhere – this is its root cause. With Sequential Therapy, I can deactivate the problem at its origin and prevent it from continuing to get worse. Even in cases when we are not sure about the root problem, the CoRe scan of your energy field helps us figure out what you may have forgotten.
  • Minimize relapses. I take care to minimize relapses through education and with the help of dynamic remedies specifically chosen to cancel the memories of the conflict. Relapses are a cause of chronic problems.
  • Identifying your main life themes. Finding the mind-body connection is a great way to hear what our body, in its wisdom, is always telling you. We can easily identify repetitive issues in life. How? Through the typical symptoms that impact on your body!

Suddenly your frequent colds or chronic indigestion speak volumes about what needs closer scrutiny and what has to change in order to improve not just our physical health, but also your feelings and bigger life purpose!

Making sense of what ails you calms your mind, gives you hope and helps you participate in your own healing by making better choices. It also helps you avoid future problems of a similar nature. We will talk a lot about these things until you get used to them.

What is German New Medicine

German New Medicine is a new natural science developed by the German doctor Dr. R. G. Hamer. His revolutionary work proved that disease always has a biological meaning. What we call disease is actually a biological process based on natural and evolutionary principles and it is meant to provide a much-needed balance in times of distress.

The founder of German New Medicine, Dr. med. Mag. theol. Ryke Geerd Hamer, was born in 1935 in Frisia (Germany). He graduated in medicine and theology at the University of Tubingen, worked at the cancer clinic in Munich and conducted research over thousands of cases of cancer and other diseases, to establish without a doubt the connection between psyche, brain and body. Finally, the mind-body relationship in health is grounded in science, documenting what centuries of healing experience has always claimed. Our body is not a simple sum of its pars but a real symbiotic eco-system where everything occurs based on solid natural laws.

Dr. Hamer discovered that disease is most often caused by a sudden and serious shock in life. Initially a lesion appears in the brain in the area corresponding to the nature of the shock and its interpretation by the person. The relays contained in that part of the brain are thus activated, sending signals of distress to the body organ or tissue regulated by those same brain relays. As a result, a symptom of disease will arise eventually in the body.

German New Medicine outlines the differences between the conflict phase and the healing phase — the two sides of disease. The conflict phase arises after a serious shock and is characterized by chills, loss of appetite and sleep and increase in nervous tension. The healing phase begins after the resolution of the conflict on the mental level. At that moment the brain begins restoring itself simultaneously with the affected organ. It is the healing phase that we experience the typical symptoms we today associate with “disease” — fever, swelling, pain, inflammation and bacterial or viral involvement in many cases.

How it all began — personal tragedy gives birth to a new understanding of disease. In 1978 Dr. Hamer’s son Dirk was accidentally and died. Shortly after Dirk’s death, Dr. Hamer was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Having always been in excellent health, he suspected that his cancer could be directly related to the sudden loss of his son. He began investigating other cancer patients’ histories and discovered that, like him, they all had experienced an unexpected shock previous to developing the cancer. His further research lead him to examine multiple brain scans under the premise that the brain, as the major source of coordination of information in the body, must be involved in such serious changes in tissue.His work confirmed that shocks would manifest on an organ in the body and also in the brain.

The connection between the psyche, the brain and the body

German New Medicine not only confirms the connection, but in his many years of research, Dr. Hamer has been able to outline the various mental and emotional issues that constitute a serious conflict and where in the body they will manifest and, most importantly, which area of the brain will show a corresponding lesion, always specific to each event and always the same in all people with that symptom.

Dr. Hamer: “Finding the Biological Special Programs of Nature was indeed a revelation. Only life itself can write such a drama. Without the death of my son and my subsequent own case of cancer, the true nature of diseases would probably not have been discovered for many decades, because conventional medicine is moving away from the secret.”

How Does German New Medicine Work?

The 5 Biological Laws of New Medicine
These are five natural laws on which evolution of man is based. They have arisen from the natural phases of human evolution as a result of the adaptation of our organism to the environment and to its own growing complexity. Today, we can witness the whole process in the stages of development of a human embryo.

Each of the 5 Biological laws of German New Medicine outlines an important principle in the causation for disease, its different phases, the place in the brain where it affects us (and which can easily be identified on a brain scan), and finally — the specific organ or tissue in the body that will be affected.

Law #1: Every disease originates from a serious life trauma or shock — a sudden and intense, isolating conflict shock that affects simultaneously three levels of our system: the psyche, the brain and the corresponding organ in the body.

Psyche: A sudden and unexpected life trauma creates a feeling of isolation and fight or flight response. For disease to occur, the state of distress has to remain unresolved long enough for the corresponding reaction on the physical level to be detected either as a symptom or by medical tests.

Our typical worries when known and expected, even if just for a few instants before the shock occurs, do not cause a lesion in the brain that can then lead to disease. But our tendency to worry can certainly predispose us to over-reacting and triggering a survival response.

Brain: A lesion appears in the brain at the location related to the specific nature of each shock. It is seen on a brain scan as a bulls-eye. Our brain is programmed to initiate survival programs depending on which center is affected. These survival programs evolved as we as a species evolved.

Body: At the instant of the shock, the cells at the location of the brain lesion receive the signal of distress and transmit it to the respective body part that is in charge of survival in such situations. A biological response is triggered – one that can help us to either resolve the crisis or which can buy us some time in order to find a solution. This survival mechanism usually involves a change in regular functions of an organ or some form of “abnormal” cell activity.

Law #2: The complete process from disease to resolution goes through clearly identifiable phases — from conflict shock to its resolution and restoration of health. Psyche, brain and body all go through the stages of this process at the same time.

CONFLICT PHASE: The phase following the initial shock. All activity in the body shifts to conflict management. The psyche is on high alert and we experience distress and worry.

The brain lesion corresponds to the area best suited to resolve that kind of conflict and its size will reflect the intensity of the shock or the duration of the conflict phase — the more significant the shock and the longer we are in distress about it, the larger the lesion in the brain.

Physically we feel cold, lack appetite and cannot sleep at night. We can lose weight, our heart can race, our blood pressure goes up, our blood sugar goes down and we feel nausea and dizziness. We are on high alert, which biologically allows us to focus and resolve the problem.

Organs or tissues will respond with cell growth or cell loss, depending on where in the brain the lesion occurs. For example, organs controlled by the brain stem and cerebellum increase cell production (a tumor or cyst) to create more of the same organ to help it function better. On the other hand, organs connected to the cerebral medulla and cerebral cortex, will suffer a loss of cells (ulcerate) in an attempt to increase orifices or to adjust organ function so as to increase its capability to deal with the situation biologically.

Once the conflict is resolved (through life adjustments or mental or emotional resolution, for example) the healing phase begins and psyche, brain and organs heal all at the same time.

We know the conflict is resolved when we feel relief and we stop worrying about it.

During the first stage of healing we feel relaxed and tired to the point, quite often, to exhaustion and weakness. But our appetite is good and our body is once again warm, perhaps even feverish for a while. This biological healing response is very adequate to what the body wants to do – restore tissue and functions by applying all resources to healing. To do so, it causes us to stay put by making us weak and drowsy.

The brain lesion begins to heal as soon as we resolve the conflict in our mind. The healing follows two phases both in brain and body. During the first phase of the healing process, an edema is formed over the lesion to protect it while it is repaired. If big enough, it can cause some pain, dizziness, vision problems or other symptoms, depending on which relays are pressed by the edema. The healing of the lesion can be seen on a brain scan as a bulls-eye, but this time it appears blurred.

This stage of the healing culminates into what German New Medicine calls an epileptoid crisis — a healing crisis during which we experience a sharp but short relapse into the conflict phase with its typical stress symptoms, shivers, nausea. The purpose of this short crisis is to help express the brain edema, which will no longer be needed after healing has concluded.

Depending on which area of the brain was affected and the organs it controls, the healing crisis can cause heart attacks, strokes, asthma attacks, migraine attacks or epileptic seizures, in some extreme cases.

The second phase of healing begins after the brain edema is pressed out. The lesion now is completely healed by neuroglia, harmless brain connective tissue specifically useful for that purpose. Sometimes a large accumulation of such neuroglia can be mistaken for a brain tumor, especially when we are dealing with the results of a very intense shock or one of long duration.

Organs go through the two stages of healing as well, at the same time as the brain heals. Typically tumors that grew during the conflict phase are now broken down and re-absorbed or expelled from the body. Specialized fungi and mycobacteria are instrumental in this process. If they are not available, the tumor stays in place and encapsulates without further growth.

Organs that had lost cells during the conflict phase now restore tissue through the creation of new cells and we see a sudden cell growth sometimes wrongly confused with a cancerous cell growth. This process of cell replenishment is aided by specialized bacteria and viruses, which make it, proceed faster and better, but it can also happen without them.

Most of the symptoms we typically associate with disease can be actually an indication of healing. For example, our body repairs tissue through swelling, inflammation, infections, fever and pain, as we well know if we observe the healing of a bee sting or a twisted ankle. A most important point to be made here, indeed.

The intensity and length of the healing phase depends on the magnitude of the initial conflict. Since the intensity of the healing process can also cause us pain and distress it can make healing drag on longer. Very often people are frightened by the symptoms of healing, mistaking them for disease. Pain and fear can make it hard to relax and to let the body heal.

Relapses and chronic conditions are a dragging on of the healing process. This happens when there are triggers in our environment that remind us of the initial shock and set us repeatedly into conflict mode, causing us to cycle again and again through conflict and healing. This is typical, for example, with allergies, arthritis, osteoarthritis or MS, to name a few.

This is how it happens. When we experience an intense shock, our whole system goes into high alert, our mind scans and catalogues all the important details in our environment — sound, smell, visual items are all registered subconsciously and kept in memory. The biological purpose for that is to recognize these as possible signs of danger. When we next encounter them, our system will react by sending a signal of danger evoking the memory of the past trauma and its respective protective response.

Our memory will let go of these imprints once we are healed, but sometimes some memories linger longer, causing us to relapse. These relapses are very short, the conflict phase being imperceptible, but the healing phase is what we notice — swelling, runny nose, rashes, etc. as our body responds to the trigger for protective action in order to prevent a new conflict like the one we experienced the last time.

Biological purpose. Once the healing is complete, normal functioning is restored and more importantly, all affected organs are also fortified, to prevent future issues with what is now perceived as a vulnerable part of the system. If a future shock of similar nature were to occur, this body part will be better equipped to deal with it.

Law #3: The psyche, brain and organs are biologically connected and this is once again observed in the stages of evolution of the human being.

It has been observed that the human organism develops by passing through all the typical phases that it went through during its evolution as a species. As we follow the growth of the human embryo, it is as if we are observing an accelerated version of the evolution of man. We see the appearance, one after the other, of the three main germ layers from which arise a variety of organs, corresponding to each layer.

From here, it is easy to follow the connections between brain areas and organs, as well as the purpose of each organ — the biological purpose it served at the time of its appearance and full development.

For example, the earliest organism arose at a time when only the brain stem existed. We see here a response related to pure survival and an organ activity related mostly to food consumption, digestion and elimination.

The more complex organ systems were created to reflect the higher complexity of function required, including a nerve-sense system, skeletal and muscle system, the five senses, etc. These new organs correspond to the appearance of more differentiation in the brain as well and culminating with the development of the brain cortex where complex thinking processes and ideation is registered — as a sense of identity, territorial belonging, ownership and more complex desires than the single minded urge for eating and survival.

Law # 4: Fungi, bacteria and viruses are intimately involved in the healing processes in the body. The choice of which microbial form should be used by the body, depends on the tissue affected and the respective part of the brain it relates to.

Microbes evolved parallel to our own evolution and they were part of our internal ecosystem, in charge of maintaining balance at all times. Each organ system has specific microbes which, when it becomes necessary, will help keep those organs healthy.

Microbes only get activated during the healing phase. As soon as the conflict is resolved and healing begins, a signal is sent to activate the bacteria needed for that specific function. The rest of the time — when we are healthy or when we are in conflict mode, they just exist in the body. Active or not, the role of bacteria and viruses is always to optimize healing. They are otherwise always harmless.

Contemporary medical science does not accept or desire to address the monumental findings of Dr. Hamer in this and many other areas outlined in German New Medicine. For that reason, they do not follow the stages of disease and healing, they do not understand the processes typical to those stages and — logically, they do not grasp the role of microbes in our body.

A doctor will identify the existence of bacteria once it appears in the second phase of healing, as a disease process. The typical swelling, discharges, fevers and other symptoms that appear with the activity of bacteria, are labeled a disease. Medication is used to destroy the microbes and to suppress a perfectly natural healing process. This causes not only a slowing down of healing, but it also introduces new harm in the form of medication toxicity and the destruction of much needed bacteria.

So what are the microbes useful for? With the help of bacteria and fungi and viruses, our body breaks down cysts and tumors, liquefies and further decomposes dead tissue and cells and prepares them in a form easy to eliminate through the usual pathways — skin, liver, kidneys, lungs. Without them, our body becomes septic, waste mater is not dealt with properly, the inner balance of our body is upset leading to a proliferation of one or another kind of bacteria that otherwise would not have been left unchecked.

As an additional comment to the great contribution of Dr. Hamer to our understanding of how we coexist with our miniscule bacterial friends, it is worth mentioning, that the whole theory about the bacterial origin of disease is but a theory. Even at the time when Louis Pasteur came up with his elegant proposal for all cause of disease, another scientific view was equally popular and much better documented with observable proof, and that was the observation that micro-organisms will shift from one form to another, all within our organism, to reflect the changes in our bodily terrain and to provide a new service as required for our inner balance and health.

This 200 year old view about the role of bacteria and viruses and fungi for our health is well confirmed and documented by many scientists since them and now, by Dr. Hamer and German New Medicine. The implications of such a new perception on disease and microbes for the future of healthcare are mind-boggling.

Law #5: Disease as a meaningful process and not an accident.

Once we realize the implications of Dr. Hamer’s findings, we can reach the conclusion that nothing in nature is random and all processes have a purpose, including those occurring in our own body.

Based on the solid research behind such conclusions, we can now take a second look at what ails us and we are better equipped to find the cause and the meaning of each biological process. More importantly, we are able to connect physical symptoms to deeper and more significant themes related to our own nature, life purpose and character.

Life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, autoimmune diseases, can now be understood and addressed in a way that can lead to health and not to death, as we have been taught to believe.

We now see that our diseases reflect our life challenges and that our body is well equipped to lead us safely to the other side, back to health. Of course, with the new understanding of this beautiful biological process, we also learn ways to help ourselves through it. We can now let go of harmful interventions and medications and instead, we can take all the adequate measures that support our body, rather than handicap it.

Armed with new knowledge we can avoid harmful diagnosis shock by reaching for a better explanation of what is happening to our body — one based on solid biological laws and on a common sense view that is based on true observation and proof, that of thousands of cases.

German New Medicine therapy consists of educating the patient by explaining what is happening and taking away the fear. Once the process is understood, the nature of the conflict has to be found and if it’s not yet resolved, counseling and discussion aims to lead to a resolution of the disease-inducing shock and conflict.

Instead of focusing on the symptom alone and targeting it with allopathic or even holistic treatments aiming at getting rid it, German New Medicine follows the natural progression of the disease and takes measures to resolve existing stress while assisting the body in its healing. Special care is taken during the healing phase to avoid complications through either relapses into conflict or through too intense and harmful healing symptoms.

The patient is given back his/her central role — to direct and take responsibility for the resolution of the conflicts that cause the symptoms. It is not easy to choose between a traditional medical system that predicts suffering and death, but holds the authority of officialdom and a new approach that brings hope and appeals to our common sense. Yet, this is a choice only the patient can make.

Part of German New Medicine therapy consists in watching for any typical complications during the whole process. Most usually arise during the healing phase and there are practical ways to expect, predict and deal with them through the application of various hands-on ways to reduce the intensity of the healing process and helping it to a conclusion without any damage.

When we realize that seizures, heart attacks, bleeding and obstruction of passages are some typical effects of healing crises, we see the importance of being aware and taking measures against this happening.

Since healing happens mostly at night, clients tend to suffer the most during the night and until 3-4 Am when the day cycle begins and healing slows down, leading to a reduction of nocturnal symptoms. The majority of people can heal without any trouble.

German New Medicine alone is of limited benefit in these 3 situations:

1) Too much stress — too little time. In cases when patients have been told that their disease is life threatening and there is no hope for healing. The regular medical system does not offer any more help in those cases and they are left without much needed support. Alternative therapies lack the facilities for testing and life support to help the patient survive the situation and restore health.

For example, people who opt to not have chemotherapy or surgery to deal with terminal cancers are not usually offered help at the hospital unless they comply with the recommended treatment. It is sad to observe how many doctors forget the Hippocratic Oath in favor of medical association regulations and plain ego issues when the patient asks for help but requests to have a say as to what they do to their own body.

2) Not open to holistic medicine. In cases when patients with advanced chronic disease are unable to change their views. Unfortunately, these patients succumb to the temporary relief of toxic drugs and medical treatments, including surgery and removal of organs. Such interventions can lead to complications and a crisis of the whole organism that is then hard to stop and restore due to the opposing action of the same inadvisable treatments.

For example, if a person has joint pain during the healing of eroded bone or tendons, taking anti-inflammatory drugs or having joint replacement surgery is counter-productive to the healing and just induces a new trauma for the organism to fight against.

3) Not enough practical choices for healing. German New Medicine relies mostly on counseling and just a few practical methods to help a patient. It has not yet explored how other therapies can aid the healing. German New Medicine is very new and there is so much one person can discover, research and test in a lifetime. It will be the contribution of many other alternative scientists to fill in the gaps and enrich it with more therapeutic tools.

WHAT REAL MEDICINE ADDS TO GNM: detoxification and organ balancing, conflict resolution with sequential therapy methods, dynamic alleviation and resolution of symptoms, biofeedback therapy for faster and more gentle healing.

Our spiritual growth is part of all healing and as such, the themes uncovered by the German New Medicine can enhance our journey, bring clarity into who we are and how to improve ourselves. With more trust in our body and inner knowing, we can embark with more assurance on a journey of enlightenment. Knowing that our body is always taking care of our survival and needs, we can embrace it as our partner in life and not an enemy that needs to be constantly feared, watched and controlled.

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