Most of the nasty symptoms like pain, inflammation, cough and phlegm, fevers and rashes are a sign of healing and not of disease! These symptoms are a natural result of your body’s efforts to restore proper organ function, to slough off and get rid of dead cells and toxins and to fix injured tissues.

Your body’s sole mission is to keep you healthy and in perfect balance. So when it senses danger, it immediately responds with a change in functions. We rarely feel this subtle change in the inner dynamics of our body. Instead, we get a vague sense of malaise or just mental or emotional stress.

Disease usually manifests as high stress, inability to sleep, lack of appetite, cold hands, and few if any physical symptoms. It is usually caused by an inner conflict and rarely by an outer infection or injury. Unfortunately, since healing comes with most of the unpleasant symptoms, which we have been taught to identify as “disease” it is when we are healing that we become the most afraid for our health.

To heal faster, we need to understand how our body works.

During healing, blood rushes to injured tissues as part of the repair process, fevers burn the viruses, discharges and bacteria gather to clean up the debris from the battle field and eliminate it from the body. What a wonderful and perfectly orchestrated process nature has created for us! We need not fear it.

A vibrant healthy system will try to isolate disease as far away from the noble organs as possible, so as not to endanger vital functions of the liver, kidneys, heart…The skin is the best place for disease to be held at bay and that is where the first indications of a deeper disturbance will appear – as a rash, an inflammation of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract (congestion, cough) or of the mucosa of the digestive system (stomach upsets) for example.

Most diseases (excluding physical accidents and injuries) begin with a disturbance to our nerve-sense system or to our emotional state. Initially all we experience is stress and emotional tension. If we cannot resolve our conflict for a long period of time, the continuous tension and the related functional deviations that are created, to cope with the distress (muscle tension, high adrenalin, thyroid hormone output, increased acidity in the body, etc.) – these alterations in function eventually trickle down to the physical body.

Healing, the same as disease, also begins at the level of thought and emotion. Once the disease-engendering conflict is resolved and we stop sending distress signals to our body, and healing begins. Functions are reversed and corrected to their normal levels and tissue damage is reversed.

To summarize, healing proceeds from the mental/emotional level to the physical level, from the deeper organs to the more superficial, from above downwards on the body, as is often seen in rashes or muscle and joint pain.

What is typical of the healing process?

After taking a remedy we usually experience improvement at the mental/emotional level – a sense of well-being, peacefulness or increased energy, better memory or focus. Since improvement first affects the inner organs, even if you still have your symptoms, at a deeper level you will feel stronger. Many people describe this sensation as one of “observing their healing process from a safe place inside their body.”

The healing process can manifest in two typical ways. We can see the return of some old symptoms that remind us of what was just cured (for example tooth sensitivity when an old dental procedure was treated). Or we may experience the typical symptoms of cleansing and detoxification, in the form of nasal congestion, skin rashes, aches caused by some inflammation, all part of the same process of detox and regeneration.

Timing can vary from one patient to another, but usually the body responds to the remedy right away. In acute conditions you will experience an improvement in the condition within minutes or hours of taking and repeating remedies. In chronic conditions, the reaction to the remedy can be felt a bit later and within 2 weeks of taking the remedy.
Symptoms can last anywhere from 1-2 hrs. to 1-3 days, depending on the severity of the treated condition and on the strength of your body and its ability to heal fast.

Fear makes pain worse! It has been observed by many wise people that pain is doubled by our fears and by focusing too much on the affected area or organ. There are a variety of techniques to reduce pain while our body heals. With the help of remedies and nature, the healing process will progress faster and better if you keep a positive attitude, pamper yourself in order to get extra relief.

True healing is the beginning of our personal journey

We have learned to equate health with lack of symptoms. This allows disease to hide elsewhere – in emotional stress, lack of stamina, confusion and disengagement from life. Modern medicine offers drugs and surgery to help hide the obvious signs of disease. At best it manages symptoms and offers no cures.

True health means the ability to be fulfilled and to participate in life in spite of symptoms and some bodily imperfection. It is to be able to feel passion and interest in our work, our loved ones, to have the energy and inner strength to pursue our ideals and to be ourselves no matter what our life circumstances may be.

To achieve this, you are about to embark on a journey – one that will take you back in time, for a brief re-visiting of old events. You will get a rare second chance – not only to re-evaluate and find the meaning that you failed to see the first time around. But also an opportunity to cleanse and let go of old beliefs and assumptions that have taken you far from your own path.

Perhaps, at the end of it all, you will be able to reclaim not just your health, but also the full potential for life with which you were born.