Vaccine Scandal

Fraud at CDC Uncovered

Finally the truth is starting to trickle out, with the recent confession of W. Thompson about vaccines causing autism. Free scientists and activists have known this for decades. When smallpox immunization was first developed many people died from it.

Then many people got infected with polio from the polio vaccine. Then we heard that vaccine materials were contaminated with the SV40 virus that causes cancer – a virus found in the monkey tissue cells used to manufacture vaccines. Now we contribute to the cancer society – we pay to find a cure for a disease that may have been caused by a dirty vaccine.

Today everyone knows that when you get the flu shot, you could come down with horrible flu symptoms.

The new information about the suppressed studies showing that MMR causes autism are being hidden and dismissed in mainstream media as just another conspiracy theory. This time though, parents are taking to their keyboards and cameras and flooding the net with personal testimonies of how their baby became autistic after vaccination.

We need to start trusting our own eyes and not the official lies we have been told for so long. The price to pay is the life of our children. Each time we close our eyes and follow like sheep without questioning, we put our children in danger.

I started by vaccinating my kids then stopped. I saw them react intensely to the shots. It did not feel right. Then I discovered there was a lot written against vaccines. Then I met parents who did not vaccinate and had healthy grown children. And I made up my mind to not vaccinate anymore.  My kids are grown and healthy today.

I did not rely on someone else to tell me what to put into my babies’ bodies or not. The decision was all mine. I hope parents who read this will have the courage to make theirs – after careful research of both sides of the debate.

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Lately we hear a lot about the measles epidemic and there is a push to vaccinate our children again. I would not advise that. Vaccinated kids are getting the measles – so the shot does not work 100%. Also, measles is a childhood disease that helps the immune system develop and gives life-long protection, so no more needs for vaccines if a kid does get it.

Dynamic medicine help right now

Protection. If you are scared of the measles, I can give you a dose of dynamic prevention, a sublingual remedy with no side effects and better results than the regular jab. Contact me if you would like a dose.

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Chemical vaccinations are a shock to the whole system

Natural disease penetrates the body indirectly, through nose and mouth. This gives the body time to create a reaction and to heal itself from the virus. This process leads to life-long immunity.

Vaccinations penetrate the body and deliver the virus directly into the blood stream. This does not allow enough time for a healthy immune response and causes a shock to the system as it scrambles to deal with the emergency. The many chemicals and poisons that are in that shot cause a toxic shock to the system and it goes into high alert in its attempts to contain their spread and protect the brain.

A healthy and strong person can withstand such a shock and adjust to it over time. A sensitive or weak organism may not have the capability to respond adequately, so that the vaccine toxins penetrate deeply, affect many systems and are hard to eliminate. This leads to the emergence of new symptoms – those many of us identify as symptoms of vaccine trauma.

Some vaccine damage does not become apparent until much later, so it is ignored by doctors: eczema, asthma, weak immune system, ADD and autism, allergies are all typical to children who were not strong enough to respond to the vaccinations.

In nature, only susceptible organisms succumb to disease. In vaccination – we are all exposed to possible contamination, by our own choice. There is nothing natural about vaccines, so the reaction to them are also confusing and unnatural.

Auto-immune diseases

There are many natural cures for natural diseases. When we are dealing with man-made chemically induced damage, it is hard to treat because it is unnatural and can appear differently in different people. This makes it hard to cure people from the illnesses of our times – the incurables, the so-called “auto-immune” diseases.

Vaccinations have a direct impact on the immune system. We have seen a sharp rise of auto-immune diseases in young and old alike since the increase in vaccine doses and the overuse of drugs in our lives (antibiotics, painkillers, etc.).

It is time to stop and re-evaluate the situation and not to blindly repeat old mantras and continue a practice that we are both able to review and change and that we are also obligated to review and change – for the sake of our children and the health of future generations.

If you would like a dose of measles prevention or remedies to clear the damage caused by the vaccine, contact me. 

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In my readings and internet browsing I come upon many new and interesting tips on how to improve our life in simple ways. Things we can do at home on our own.

Here is something from Omraam Mikahel Aivanhov, (1900-1986) a great Bulgarian mystic and spiritual teacher, who lived and taught in France and is known world-wide:

Finger Exercises for the Psyche

« The movements we make with our hand, or with just one finger – and particularly with the thumb – have an influence on our psyche. Here are a few exercises.

1. When you feel yourself becoming lethargic, make a fist, and with your thumb out, turn your hand to left and right; then also move your thumb up and down.

2. To motivate yourself to start work, begin by clenching your fist to make yourself master of all the forces at your disposal. And always keep your thumb outside your fist, folded over your fingers, never tucked in.

3. This third movement will help you control your energies and direct them well: lightly squeeze each finger of your right hand, from the root to the tip, between the thumb and index finger of your left hand.

These apparently insignificant exercises should be taken seriously, as they are so important for our psychic and spiritual life. For the whole universe is represented in our hands. They have kinds of switches that can put us in touch with the forces of nature, as well as with the angelic hierarchies. »

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What is Biofeedback?

Biofeedback Therapy: Imprinting healing energy on your Body of… Water 

Biofeedback uses technology to scan your body for sources of stress (physical or mental) and applying corrective treatment. It works by imprinting information onto your system. Since your body is 80% and water records information, with biofeedback therapy corrections can be made to fit exactly your current needs.

Q: ” Does this mean that our environment also affects us?”

A: Yes, everything around you makes an impression! You are affected by the moon, barometric pressure, elevation and especially by mental impressions. But your body has controlling mechanisms, which under normal circumstances counter these strong impacts and maintain balance.

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October is Breast Cancer month, pink ribbon month. It may sound strange, but all of this makes some of us sick. And we do not lack solidarity or compassion toward women suffering with cancer, not at all! What is sickening is the way cancer is exploited for gain – it has become such a big industry nowadays that its demands for more and more financing have become bottomless. Read more about the reality behind the pink ribbon emblem on products. 

Today the cancer industry functions only to support itself – its chemical drugs production, maintenance of equipment and hospitals – all of that needs funding and it can only come from a patient… like you.

My disgust is triggered by the commercialization of human suffering on the one hand and by the refusal of anyone in authority to allow progressive alternative solutions to the problem (and we have so  many of those!). For decades holistic solutions for cancer have been suppressed by the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

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