Spring Special!

Detox Reading
How toxic is your body?
How fast do you eliminate toxins?
What is your main source of toxicity right now?

Which is your trigger?


Mind-body connection: Check out this new way to see your problems with toxicity – connect your liver stress, kidney weakness and constipation to the MAIN CONFLICT plaguing you lately. This is both fun and also based on very serious research into organ functions and stress.

Liver: Are you angry at something? What gets you going?
Kidneys: why are you in survival mode? Is it fear? Grief?
Colon: a conflict of an ugly nature is causing you constipation.      What is it about? Money? Old unresolved hurts?

What is the source of toxins – is it the environment? Your food? Your emotions?
What is the best solution for you?

Get the details and much more with this creative reading of all issues regarding toxicity and find new innovative ways to detoxify your system not just from physical, but more importantly – from those negative emotions and stress that also cause your body to react and create inner toxins.

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Spring Special: Detox Reading: $49.00


Detox treatment. The results of the reading can be used to create corrective treatment. Get 30 days of fine-tuned remote frequency treatments to restore the correct vibrations in your organs and tissues to facilitate a gentle and steady detoxification on the cellular level.

Stress release. Let go of the conflicts identified by this reading and allow your organs to return to normal daily functions.

Reading + 30-day Treatment: $79.00

Add 3 Detox Formulas ~ pay only  $99.00  ~ and get a FREE 30 day biofeedback detox treatment.


For those serious about detoxification: get 3 liquid formulas created for you based on your specific needs. Each formula is taken for 7-10 days to facilitate a 3-step detoxification program.

1. Start with the Colon Formula, to open up the colon and make sure it can eliminate properly. In addition to that it has an anti-candida and pro-biotic effect.

2. Kidney Formula. Make sure that toxins don’t get stuck inside your body due to slow or compromised kidney function. Flush the kidneys and all toxins will flow out.

3. Liver Formula: since our liver takes such a beating year-round, this formula is really worth the whole effort. Once the colon and kidneys are stimulated and ready for action, we can give the liver the go-ahead and then we are really talking – this is where major detox can happen.

You can purchase these 3 formulas on their own. Or you can combine them with the reading and 30-day treatment for a program with so much more punch.

Formulas only: $50.00

Reading & Formulas:  $99.00  ~ and get a FREE 30 day biofeedback detox treatment with this option.