Flu Prevention Package $30.00

For those of you who are concerned about catching a bad flu this winter season, there is a better, safer and more effective form of prevention offered by alternative medicine.

Every year I offer the alternative holistic flu prevention remedy for $10.00 at the clinic, by mail or via distance treatment. This is always available to you, just drop me a note and let me know you want one.

What’s New?

To offer you even better cold and flu prevention and care, I put together a complete package for the flu season. You can now order your own personalized remedy to protect you from the flu. This is how it works:

1. A quick BioCore immunity test is performed to check your immune system.

2. Then a flu prevention remedy is selected (out of several options) that best matches your needs and sensitivity.

3. Your remedy is created in the strength that gives you maximum protection with no worries about aggravation. A remedy neither too strong, nor too weak, but just right to provide you lasting protection.

4. You receive a single oral dose or you can choose to have it administered instantly through remote BioCoRe treatment.

BONUS: Free Treatment 

The success of flu prevention remedies is certain. But to help you feel even more in control over your health this winter season, I offer you free treatment for the flu, if you do get sick. It includes a brief consultation with me, by phone or email.

Contact me if you get cold of flu symptoms within 60 days after taking this preventive remedies, I will supply you with a free remedy to treat your symptoms.

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