Dropping the title of “Homeopath”

Today, April 1st 2015, the province of Ontario regulated homeopathy.

This means that to practice homeopathy in Ontario we need to buy a license and liability insurance. We must also practice in a way acceptable to the regulating body – a limited way.
Due to this new development, I do not call myself a homeopath anymore. I continue to practice my own approach, Dynamic Medicine as before.

Why It is a Farce

Few homeopaths have obtained licenses to practice –  out of the hundreds of practicing trained homeopaths in Ontario. Most homeopaths want nothing to do with this new attempt to bury homeopathy and stunt its further development. I agree with their position and I hope the College will collapse for lack of funding and members.
After repeated attacks against the profession on national tv (CBC) we now have regulation. Seemingly the opposite to discreditation, but not quite. The two actually work really nicely. Like two hands clapping, one attacks and vilifies homeopathy, while the other clips its wings and makes it tame and ineffective… and expensive to practice.

The Limitations

When you regulate a profession you control it and its members and you also limit its ability to evolve and expand. Current regulation also tells homeopaths where they can train and how they can practice. Similar to doctors who would like to offer more than chemical medicines, but are prohibited by their Association, so are homeopaths limited in a similar way.

In the case of homeopathy, licensing fees and requirements make it expensive to practice. Homeopathy is not covered by OHIP so therapists in effect are self-employed professionals and live out of their earnings. Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, homeopaths barely make a living out of their work. Paying the high membership fees and on top of the expensive liability insurance fees, makes profits from a private practice so negligent that one might as well fold and go work at McDonalds.

The Idiocy

So, is homeopathy snake oil or is it a medical system endangering public health?

Regulation implies a need for protection for the public and homeopathy can now be perceived as potentially dangerous for your health. Yet, in its entire history and world-wide application, homeopathy has never been found to cause any threat to people’s health. Its medicines are not chemical and there are no recorded side effects. In fact, this is one reason why it is so popular today.

In spite of the regulation of homeopathy and the shining new College of Homeopaths in Ontario, the media has repeatedly attacked the profession by making it look like quackery and sorcery on major tv programmes like Marketplace. The blatant manipulation of public opinion and the total exclusion of any intelligent response from the profession left homeopaths aghast and angry. But it also showed us that a war is being waged on homeopathy with the purpose of destroying its credibility and banning its use in Canada.

So here is the idiocy of it all – on the one side we have mainstream media calling homeopaths quacks and the remedies just water, while on the other side, Ontario health authorities are “protecting the public” from this dangerous water, by regulating the profession.

You Can’t Have It Both Ways – Or Can You?

Yes you can. It actually happened today! The quacks, snake oil pedlars of water and sugar pills, have now been acknowledged as a profession in need of regulation! In other words, snake oil and sugar pills are now threatening the health of Canadians. And because Canadians are not smart enough to think for themselves, the government of Ontario will protect them from their own ignorance by chewing on homeopathy and regurgitating it in a way easy to digest…

Of course, any thinking person can see the idiocy of the situation, the insult to people’s intelligence and the sneaky way our freedoms to choose or to practice freely medicine are being slowly asphyxiated. Not too long ago anyone could practice medicine and the healing arts, provided they did not perform one of the controlled acts. This seems to no longer be enough.

Opting Out

Any real professional would want nothing to do with this farce. Neither do I. Although I completed full training programs in homeopathy and heilkunst and even though I have had a busy practice for the past 15 years, now that the profession is regulated I can no longer call myself a homeopath, nor can I claim that I practice it or use homeopathic remedies! The only difference now, as far as the efficacy of my work and the impact on my clients is the fact that I don’t want to buy a license and I don’t want to be told by people with less training than me and less knowledge than me, how to practice my profession.

Fortunately, restriction always opens the door to innovation. Sometimes you have to snuff something out in order for something new to appear on the map – out of necessity. I am sure we will see a boom in the development of new emerging healing arts like biofeedback, to name one. They already exist. As does a new form of homeopathy that does not rely on the usual sugar pills, nor is it limited to the old-fashioned approach of a century ago. Homeopathy as a philosophy and art is very much alive in the world and many professionals are discovering new ways to administer remedies and to apply its principles. I am happy to join that group.

So opting out is actually … opting in for me. It is helping me define my work and de-clutter it from titles that had little meaning for clients anyway (even now homeopathy sounds strange to most and not many have heard of it when they come for help).

Dynamic Medicine

With Dynamic Medicine, the name chosen by me and others for our methods of treatment (using biofeedback technology and new discoveries in the healing sciences), we can move forward again, toward new discoveries and better application of our skills, no longer limited by a word and a method that has outlived its time in the form it is being offered today.

The homeopathy of the future will be magic, a true medical system that is quick, efficient, harmless and does not destroy the environment and people’s live hood in the process of producing its remedies. (No snakes are harmed in the production of homeopathic snake oil!)





Vaccine Scandal

Fraud at CDC Uncovered

Finally the truth is starting to trickle out, with the recent confession of W. Thompson about vaccines causing autism. Free scientists and activists have known this for decades. When smallpox immunization was first developed many people died from it.

Then many people got infected with polio from the polio vaccine. Then we heard that vaccine materials were contaminated with the SV40 virus that causes cancer – a virus found in the monkey tissue cells used to manufacture vaccines. Now we contribute to the cancer society – we pay to find a cure for a disease that may have been caused by a dirty vaccine.

Today everyone knows that when you get the flu shot, you could come down with horrible flu symptoms.

The new information about the suppressed studies showing that MMR causes autism are being hidden and dismissed in mainstream media as just another conspiracy theory. This time though, parents are taking to their keyboards and cameras and flooding the net with personal testimonies of how their baby became autistic after vaccination.

We need to start trusting our own eyes and not the official lies we have been told for so long. The price to pay is the life of our children. Each time we close our eyes and follow like sheep without questioning, we put our children in danger.

I started by vaccinating my kids then stopped. I saw them react intensely to the shots. It did not feel right. Then I discovered there was a lot written against vaccines. Then I met parents who did not vaccinate and had healthy grown children. And I made up my mind to not vaccinate anymore.  My kids are grown and healthy today.

I did not rely on someone else to tell me what to put into my babies’ bodies or not. The decision was all mine. I hope parents who read this will have the courage to make theirs – after careful research of both sides of the debate.





Angelina’s Breasts

A beautiful, but troubled woman has mutilated her body in a desperate act of cancer prevention.

Putting her trust in dubious cancer theories, Angelina Jolie has made a statement to the world and to the many women who emulate and admire her – remove the breast and you will be cancer free! Be brave, cut them off – what do you need them for anyway? It could save your life.

Removing the breasts does NOT prevent cancer


Recently Health Canada suspended the distribution of the flu vaccines to research a suspicious white substance in them, causing the vaccine matter to clump. Other European countries had already stopped flu shot sales for the same reason. Now this problem is considered resolved and flu shots..”safe”.

I did not hear about any of this. While this was going on, flu shot advertising on TV and in the media continued in full force. So, do we happily go get the jab now?

Why NOT to get the flu shot

1. For those who are not convinced it is bad for you, no matter what anyone says, here is a common sense argument: perhaps one should wait and see. By the time a second recall is made, millions will be harmed by the toxic cocktail in these flu shots. Do you want to take the chance?

2. For those who use common sense to make decisions: the flu strains used in vaccines can only protect you from that particular flu strain and OFFER NO PROTECTION WHATSOEVER against any other flu virus. Nobody knows which flu virus we will get, it is pure speculation and is often the wrong one!





RM Blog Launched!

Welcome to the Real Medicine Blog!

This first issue marks the launching of my new website.

It took me a while but it is finally done. I hope it is easy on the eye and interesting to read. There is a lot of material, much as I tried to shorten the texts. As you know, in our day and age nobody has time to read a lot.

My writings are my  gift to all who are seeking information – there is a lot of advice and free tips anyone can use at home, many links to other interesting sites.

What is coming…

There will be more articles on a variety of themes, not only health related. In time, some of the material will be available also in e-book format for easier download and sharing.

I have been asked repeatedly to write up case studies. It is always  interesting to read people’s real experience. It is such an inspiration! Stories are an easy way to see how things work and how others deal with problems similar to ours.

This space will be dedicated to commentary on current issues, answers to questions that I often get and may be worth sharing, and also to give you a heads up about new changes in my practice or on the website.

Your comments are always welcome and I will try to respond as I go.